Marshmallow Furniture Children’s Upholstered 2 in 1 Flip Open Sofa Reviews


Finding a sofa for your kids to read comics and watch TV comfortably is easy, but finding the one that can make fascinate them is not a simple task. We know that, so we’re here to help you. Check our Marshmallow Furniture Children’s Upholstered 2 in 1 Flip Open Sofa Reviews for more information!

Who is the Manufacturer?

Spin Master is the company that designs, manufactures and sells the Children’s Upholstered 2 in 1 Flip Open Sofa. It was founded in 1994 in Canada. Over the past two decades, it has achieved great success, transforming itself from a small toy company into a global children product brand.

Marshmallow Furniture is one of many product lines of the Spin Master, which is famous for high-back chairs and open sofas for kids. These products are extremely kid-friendly because they are decorated with favorite preschool characters, such as Disney Princess, Mickey/Minnie Mouse, Donald Daisy, Spiderman, Hello Kitty, Dory, Pixar Cars, etc.


Upholstered 2 in 1 Flip Open Sofa Reviews

What’re Great Features of the Flip Open Sofa?

2-in-1 Design

More than just an open sofa (as the name suggests), this one is actually a combination of a lounger and a sofa packaged together in one piece of furniture. Also, the process of transformation is very simple and quick; even a toddler can do that with some practices in advance. About five seconds to flip it open into a lounger or ten seconds to fold it back into a sofa, and that’s all!

Ideal Size for Kids

With the height of 10’’, the width of 28.5’’ and the depth of 16’’, the sofa provides enough room for a toddler to sit, watch TV, read comics or eat snacks with his/her stuffed animal. As being extended out to become a lounger, it reaches to 39’’ long, allowing your kid to lay and sleep comfortably. If you have two babies, and you’re looking for a safe place for them to play together, it’s also a great choice.

High-Quality Foam

There are three words to describe the foam seat: soft, thick and lightweight. When they are combined, you have a comfortable sofa/lounger that can make your kid love the way it feels. With the weight of only 2.5 pounds, your kids can move it around from room to room themselves. Also, the foam is durable, so it won’t be easily distorted by external forces.

Polyester Fabric Slipcover

As an extra convenience, the Flip Open Sofa is equipped with a polyester slipcover which can be got off and put back easily for cleaning or drying. Also, this slipcover features a child-proof zipper on the bottom. Although this design requires you to insert a paperclip into the opening of the zipper before sliding to unzip, it protects your kid from being stuck, which is the key to safety.

Adorable Looking

My 36-month-old son loves the colors and graphics of this Flip Open Sofa very much. While the pink and red make the whole unit bright, the graphics are very funny with Minnie’s and Donald Daisy’s cheerful faces, striking white dots and bold details. I’m pretty sure that this design can brighten any nursery.

Easy Cleaning

Since the slipcover is made of polyester, it’s not only machine washable (using mild soap and water) but also quick-drying, stretch-resistant and scratch-resistant. Besides, polyester is considered as a water-resistant material, so it can prevent liquid (sweat, drink or even your baby’s urine) from absorbing and damaging the foam inside. You also reduce the time and effort for cleaning, which is obviously a life-saver for many busy parents.

What We Like

I have got this Open Sofa for two months, and I’ve found that it’s an outstanding product that offers my kid plenty of great advantages over its competitors.

  • Removability: It’s always a great convenience when the cover of everything is removable so that you can wash it, dry it and make it stay new for daily use. As a time-saving bonus, you can throw it into a washing machine and forget until it’s clean.
  • Versatility: It can be either a sofa or a lounger, which means you’ll get two functions in one single piece of furniture. This way, you not only save money but also save the space of your house.
  • Comfort: My kid enjoys sitting on the sofa because of its softness. My puppy also seems to love sleeping on the lounger during cold days of the winter, instead of rolling onto the carpet as she used to.
  • Durability: After 3 months with it, my kid crawled over it, and my puppy crashed in But it doesn’t have any sign of being got out of shape, and the cover still looks like new.
  • Beauty: The friendly cartoon characters and super cute printed patterns make it loved for almost all children. My kid falls in love with it at first glance, and so does your little one. I’m pretty sure about that!

What We Don’t Like

In addition to pros, there are some cons that we want to tell you about this Open Sofa. Check them before making your buying decision:

  • Loose cover: According to a few customers, the cover seems to get loose after a year, which means it no longer fits the padding tightly as it was. Also, the fabric of this cover is quite thin, which makes the wrinkles (caused by not being tight) appear clearly and uglily.
  • Unmatched issue: Some customers complain that this pink/red sofa does not match the décor of their home. Although this depends on your preference and where you’ll place the sofa, you should take it into account. In my case, it is not a big problem, and I’m totally fine with it.


Upholstered 2 in 1 Flip Open Sofa Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it suitable for a 3-year-old kid with a corpulent body?

Answer: Yes, it is. The manufacturer recommends it for kids between 2 and 4 years old. So, in case of a 3-year-old kid with a corpulent body, there will be no issues.

How long can it last?

Answer: The foam can work well after 5 years, and the cover can last for about 3 years.

Can I put it into a standard-sized car trunk?

Answer: Yes, you can! The exact dimension of the sofa is 16.5 x 26.3 x 15.2 inches, which is smaller than most car trunks.

How much does it weigh?

As I said, it’s very lightweight. The exact weight is only 2.5 pounds.

Does it come with a free shipping?

Answer: Yes! If you buy it from Amazon, you can order it with a free shipping.

Does it come with a warranty?

Answer: No! It has no warranty or money-back guarantee.


The Flip Open Sofa is a perfect birthday present for your kids to play and relax. Whether you place it in your child’s room or living room, it’s always a good investment. You can even bring it along on your holiday because it can fit your car trunk hassle-freely. My kids love it and so does your little one. It’s time for you to make the decision!

Thank you for reading our Marshmallow Furniture Children’s Upholstered 2 in 1 Flip Open Sofa Reviews! Have a great day! Bye!


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