KEET Roundy Kid’s Chair Gingham Reviews


How awesome and cute it is to place your kid on this chair! KEET Roundy Kid’s Chair Gingham will meet your expectations. With its traditional style, this product is an ideal choice to be used in the playground of a child’s bedroom. Its size is perfect for kids, thus giving kids comfort and letting them have a whale of a time.

Who is the Manufacturer?

Keet, a household business, was founded in 1999. At first, they produced furniture for other firms, then they turned to manufacture their own high end products for pets. After one year, they focused on product collections for kids.

With years of experience in manufacturing chair product line for kids, Keet always gains positive reviews and trust from their customers for their high-quality chairs. More importantly, kids do love them.

What are the Features of KEET Roundy Kid’s Chair Gingham?

  • Cartoony shape: Rocking chair for kids is shaped into distinct cartoon characters, which will perfectly fit the playful atmosphere of your kid’s room.
  • Durable rocking chair: Give your child the comfort he or she needs while resting, watching TV, or simply reading story books by gifting them with a durable rocking chair.
  • Very comfy foam: This chair is made using foam of high density in order for kids to feel cozy and comfortable. The fabrics contain no retardant chemicals, so children’s safety is guaranteed.
  • Easy clean up: You can clean the chair on the spot using mild soap and warm water.
  • Robust wooden frame: Its legs and frame are made of wood, so the chair is very sturdy, stable and reliable.
  • Assorted colors are available: This KEET chair for kids, upholstered and covered in gingham fabrics, comes in 6 different colors: green, navy, lavender, pink, red and brown.
  • Affordable: This rocking chair for kids has the lowest price in our list, so many parents can afford it.
  • Chair decorating is easy: This chair, besides its basic function, also serves well as a decorative. With its wide range of colors, customers can choose the preferred one then use it to make your room more eye-catching. The pretty gingham fabrics can fit well with most décor in your room.

KEET Roundy Kid’s Chair Gingham Reviews

What we like about the product?

  • Nice look and special style, reasonably priced
  • Attractive Gingham fabric that is easy to decorate
  • Easy mobility
  • Simple to maintain: spot clean. Needs vacuuming every week.
  • Sturdy wooden frame to enhance durability
  • Foam of high intensity to add more comfort
  • Legs made of wood that look like real furniture
  • Comes in a wide range of assorted colors

What we don’t like about the product?

The biggest drawback of this rocking kid’s chair is its stainable cotton fabric. It is highly recommended to spot clean using mild soap and warm water. However, in some cases, that doesn’t work well to clean up all the stains.

What are customer reviews?

Most customers rate the product as an excellent, great chair that has high quality and perfect size.

One customer reports that, for those thinking their chairs are not as sturdy as expected, they must have bought a defective chair. She insists her chair was very strong and durable. She picks the one colored in navy with subtle gingham print, which has a light-blue look when seeing from distance.

Another customer thinks that although the fabric is thin, it’s not that bad. She knows there are some people in trouble with stains. So, to get away with that, she applies some fabric protectant on the chair surface, then the milk spilled by her daughter beads off in no time.

One user shares about a way to spot clean: Spray the chair with scotch guard right away. You should clean the surface several times using a damp towel. Sometimes, you need to spray it with a stain-removing chemical before you wipe down. Then, the chair will come out as new as day.

How to clean the fabric sofa if it is stained?

After some time of usage, your chair will no doubt turn dirty due to some snack left overnight or stains from stinky feet. I will show you some simple but very important tips on how to clean the fabric chair or you can watch the following video:

#1: Use a vacuum to clean

To rid your chair of dry dust, you should use a vacuum and do the cleaning thoroughly.

#2: Brush the chair

After you vacuum, use a cleaning brush with soft bristles to brush the whole surface of your chair.By doing this, all the pet hair, snag hair and the like which get tangled in between the fabrics will be pulled out easily. It also helps do away with deep-seated dust.

#3: Sprinkle some baking soda

Next, resort to baking soda to spotlessly clean your kid’s chair. Sprinkle the substance all over the chair and let it stay for about half an hour.

#4: Vacuum the sofa again

Do another vacuuming to wipe away the baking soda. Up to now, you can notice how remarkably the fabric state has improved.

#5: Make a cleaning solution

Create a cleaning solution made up of 2-3 drops of dish soap thoroughly dissolved into four cups of clean water. You can measure the proportion using a dropper. Here, only a sparse quantity of soap is needed. You can choose another liquid soap that is more suitable for the kind of your chair’s fabric.

#8: Dry out wet spots with a hair dryer.

A hair dryer is also a very effective way to clean off damp spots since they can naturally dry out after some time.


KEET Roundy Kid’s Chair Denim Form

Questions & Answers

  • Question: This chair is suitable for children of what age and size? There are lots of reviews complaining that the chairs are very small.

Answer: KEET chairs mostly work well for kids under 4. Chairs are small but you will love their high quality and particularly cute look.

  • Question: The label says this chair measures 17x18x24, but I don’t know which size belongs to its width, depth, and height in particular?

Answer: The chair measures 24 inches wide, 17 inches deep and 18 inches high. The width is measured from one arm to another on the outside, the depth from the back to the front of its arm and the height from top of its back to floor.

  • Question: Does this chair fit the size of an adult in the den or living room?

Answer: No, of course. This chair is only designed for children, it’s too small for adults.

Final thoughts

KEET Roundy Kid’s Chair Gingham, coming in a wide range of colors, is among the most favored chairs made for kids, especially toddlers. The traditional-styled chair brings a sense of familiarity since it looks like your chair but with a smaller size.

KEET chair is produced with high durability and low length to make sure your child is always secured. If you are seeking a special present for your kids, this chair is a great value for money.

All in all, no doubt, it is the best toddler chair for your kid.


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