KEET Roundy Kid’s Chair Denim Reviews


If you are wondering what kind of chair is most suitable for your kid, then you do not have to worry because KEET Roundy Kid’s Chair Denim is your own answer.

With KEET Roundy Kid’s Chair Denim, your child will feel comfortable while doing different things. A Roundy Chair will provide an ideal place for your child to enjoy watching his or her favorite programs on TV, reading interesting books or simply relaxation. That is the reason why children so love it.


KEET Roundy Kid’s Chair Denim (Photo credit: Amazon)

Who is the Manufacturer?

Keet is originally a household business. Founded in 1999, they began by producing and providing goods for different partners. After due consideration, they made a decision of creating their own pet products in 2004 and expanded their Kids Collection one year later.

With its experience in producing many types of chair for kids over many years, Keet’s products are always highly appreciated and trusted, especially kids really love it.

What are the Features of KEET Roundy Kid’s Chair Denim?

  • Durable rocking chair

To create a comfortable environment for your children to enjoy their hobbies like watching TV, reading interesting stories and books, or just relaxing, then do not hesitate to give him or her a durable rocking chair.

  • Make your room more attractive

With this chair, the inside of your room will become more attractive. To attract and meet every demand of all customers, KEET always makes efforts to create products with balanced colors.

For example, pink will be the number one option to decorate your girl’s bedroom. Meanwhile, green will be more favored by boys.

  • Sturdy frame

Designed with a robust and strong frame made of wood, the KEET Roundy Rocking Chair certainly does not make you feel worried. This sturdy design can help your child use the chair till he or she reaches 5 and it even can be saved for younger one.

  • Very comfortable foam

Your baby will definitely feel relaxing when sitting on this chair thanks to foam with high density. Moreover, materials for production contain no toxic chemicals, so your child will surely be safe.

  • Multiple colors to choice

One of the elements contributing to making your home attractive and close to the nature is the wooden rocking legs. Besides, with 5 colors available, you can choose freely depending on your interior décor and personal hobbies.

There are now three kinds of fabrics available including Micro Suede, denim and gingham. While you only can choose pink or blue denim, there are 4 colors in Micro Suede which are sweet-brown, sky-brown, pink and blue.

  • Easy to clean

Denim fabric is good quality and can be cleaned easily. If you have difficulty in cleaning some parts, you should use warm water and dish-washing soap.

What we like about the product?

  • Beautiful Denim fabric is resistant to stain, long-wearing and soft.
  • A robust and strong frame is made of wood to ensure high durability.
  • To make sure that your kid always feels safe and comfortable, foam with high density has been used.
  • Wooden Legs helps create a natural look for this product.
  • Products’ colors are arranged in a harmonious manner.
  • It is supposed to be sturdy.
  • This product is extremely favored and appreciated by customers.

What we don’t like about the product?

  • This chair may not be suitable for oversized children because it could break down in some cases.
  • The back seemingly doesn’t match with the other parts of the chair correctly.
  • The back rest needs to be padded more to provide your kid with much more comfort.

KEET Roundy Kid’s Chair Denim (Photo credit: Amazon)

What are customer reviews?

Most of customers have spoken highly of this product because of its high quality and affordable price.

A customer complained that she met some problems with the product’s construction only after a very short time of use. The padding that was designed to put your legs was not comfortable as expected. It was usable and these things won’t affect the functionality for her.

In contrast, her daughter loves this chair very much. Her daughter’s favorite activity is enjoying interesting stories or books, and fast food in this cute chair. Although she intended to return the chair, it seems impossible for her to take it from her daughter.

Another customer shared her tips for how to clean this toddler chair. Thanks to some useful tips, her chair is so wonderful and well-proportioned. A piece of advice she gives is that you should cover it with scotch guard right after buying it. Besides, cleaning the chair but just its surface with moist clothing regularly is highly recommended. You also should use the stain remover before cleaning from time to time so that your chair is new all the time.

Questions & Answers

  • Question: Do you use the chair with a regular size in your den or living room?

Answer:It’s not big enough for an adult. It’s designed for kids.

  • Question: Although this chair’s measurements are 24 x 17 x 18, could you tell what its depth, width and height is?

Answer: Its depth, width and height are 17 (from arm back to front), 24 (outside of arm to arm) and 18 (from floor to top of back) respectively. Besides, measurements of seat are 14 in depth, 8 in height and 14 in width.

  • Question: There are many opinions that the chair is not big enough, so what size of kid can it accommodate?

Answer: most children under 5 would fit it well. It is on the small side but oh so very cute and of good quality!


KEET Roundy Kid’s Chair Denim Form (Photo credit: Amazon)


Not only is it a useful item, but KEET Roundy Kid’s Chair Denim also contributes to making your home more beautiful and attractive. Made of wood, its sturdy frame will prolong its longevity. In addition, you also feel more comfortable with high density foam on surface, helping clean conveniently. Moreover, there are 5 colors of chair to choose from.

All in all, no doubt, it is the best toddler chair for your kid.

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