DHP Twin Over Twin Metal Bunk Bed Reviews


Kids love a place that can offer them joys and entertainments, but sometimes the small space of their room might interfere with what they desire. This is the time when you should consider a bunk bed. On the market today, it’s not difficult to find out well-designed bunk beds. However, stylish and truly secure bunk beds for good night’s sleep might be hard to find.

If you’re searching for an excellent bunk bed that meets all the strictest standards, check out our DHP Twin Over Twin Metal Bunk Bed Reviews, and you will soon know!


DHP Twin Over Twin Metal Bunk Bed Reviews

Who is the Manufacturer?

DHP (Dorel Home Products) is an American leading manufacturer and supplier in the futon industry. For a few decades, they’ve created and delivered well-priced high-quality furniture, ranging from beds to mattresses. Their products are famous for fashionable, durable and versatile characteristics.

What’re Great Features of the DHP Metal Bunk Bed?

Space-Saving Design

It’s not only a bunk bed but also designed to be as irreducible as possible without having any unnecessary part. Since it’s a child furniture, it’s not too long or too tall. So, there is no doubt when this bunk bed is one of the best space-saving solutions that you should add to your kids’ or guests’ room to maximize their study and play area.

StrongMetal Frame


DHP Twin Over Twin Metal Bunk Bed Reviews

The steel frame is extremely durable that can last for years in any circumstance. The bed is strong enough for holding two big teenagers. In particular, the weight limit is 200lbs (91kgs) for the top bed and 225lbs (102kgs) for the bottom bed. At this price point, it’s surely sturdier than most bunk beds for kids on the market.

Full-Length Guard Rail


Full-Length Guard Rail

The top bed features a guard rail that runs completely around four sides of the bed. It creates the safe zone to prevent your kid from falling to the ground or getting trapped between the wall and bed. Also, the rail is quite high (12 inches in height), so even when there is a thick mattress placed on the bed, it’s still very protective.

Easy Setup

It takes me about a couple of hours to lay out all the pieces, get oriented to the directions and put everything together by myself. No pieces were missing. The instruction manual is very clear and easy to follow. Although it recommends two people to assemble, the second pair of hands is not necessary because you can do it yourself, just like me.

Front Ladder


DHP Twin Over Twin Metal Bunk Bed Reviews

The front ladder attaches to the bed firmly and securely. For extra safety, it is designed to form an angle of 10 degrees with respect to the vertical surface to createmore stablefulcra on both sides so that your kids can climb hassle-freely. Also, the distance between adjacent bars are close enough for easy stepping.

What We Like

I have used this bunk bed for over three months, and I’ve found that it meets almost all of my needs and expectations. Here are some great thingsthat make it outweigh its competitors.

  • The contemporary design with sleek black steel frame allows it match any modern home décor style.
  • All the screws are included as purchasing. It also comes with an L-shape screwdriver. So, no tools needed for assembling, which is just awesome.
  • It comes with two twin mattresses that are nice, thick and fit really well in the frame. Once you have it, you don’t need to invest in any separate mattress.
  • Unlike most bunk beds that feature upright front ladder, this one has a ladder that is slightly tilted. This design helps mylittledaughtermove up

What We Don’t Like

In addition to many advantages, there are some disadvantagesof this bunk bed that we want to tell you. Check them before making your buying decision:

  • The slats are not very strong. They’re exclusively designed for sleeping, not for playing. Therefore, any kind of jumping or hopping on the bed is not recommended.
  • A customer complained that the guard rail could not attach to the bed since the holes don’t line up with the bed. Luckily, this error is very rare.
  • The bars of the ladder are not flat, butthey are rounded, which makes them very uncomfortable to my feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an adult lay safely in the bed?

Answer: It depends on how heavy the adult is. As we saidin our DHP Twin Over Twin Metal Bunk Bed Reviews, the weight limit is 200lbs (91kgs) for the top bed and 225lbs (102kgs) forthe bottom bed. So, if you’re in this range, you can lay safely in this bed.

How long can it last?

Answer: To be honest, I don’t know. But I guess the bed can last for at least ten years if being used correctly.

Can I convert it into two single beds?

Answer: No, you cannot!

What are its extract dimensions?

Answer: It is 78 inches in length, 61.5 inches in height and 41.5 inches in width.

How much does it weigh?

Answer: It weighs 86 pounds (39 kilograms).

Does it come with other color choices?

Yes! In addition to the black version, you can choose the silver version. They have the same price.

Where is it made?

Answer: It’s made in the USA.

Does it come with a free shipping?

Answer: Yes! If you buy it from Amazon, you can order it with a free shipping.

Does it come with a warranty?

Answer: Yes! There are a 3-year accident protection and a 5-year accident protection. These warranties are optional and come with extra payments.

Do the company provide an assembly service?

Answer: Yes, they have! But you need to pay extra money.


Without a doubt, the Metal Bunk Bed from DHP is an awesome space-saving solution to maximize your kids’ playful and restful space without forfeiting their unique style and personality. Should you buy it? I think you already knew the answer!

Thank you for reading our DHP Twin Over Twin Metal Bunk Bed Reviews! Have a great day! Bye!



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