The Comprehensive Review of 5 Best Kids’ Upholstered Sofas 2017 You Need to Know


Are you looking for a good kid sofa for your darling children? Are you bombarded with a variety of products and exaggerated advertisement which seem to confuse you rather than help you work out your problems?

If you’re wondering what types of kid sofa to buy, spend a couple of minutes read the article which gives you not only helpful tips to get a good couch but also a comprehensive review of 5 Best Kids’ Upholstered Sofas 2017 that you may be interested in. Believe me; you are sure to get a lot of useful things to pick up a good yet affordable item.


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Sofa for kids

The sofa for a kid may be one of the most popular items at your home if you have a baby. As usual, most of the sofa is slip open, which means it could be slipped over into a flat bed or folded back into a chair. Therefore, the sofa is so versatile. It could be a chair to sit in but also is play zone for activities or a bed for sleep.

The sofa could be a favorite corner for your kids since they could do all of the daily activities. The baby could sit down to relax, watch TV, read books or take a nap on it.


How to choose a toddler-friendly sofa?

Though you have a wide range of products to buy, choose a good couch for your babies is a piece of cake. There are a couple of factors you should think about so that you may pick up a good sofa for your kids.


Obviously, you don’t want to buy a fragile sofa that you can only use for a couple of months and then have to throw into the trash bin. Also, you need to buy and a sofa that your children feel comfortable sit, lying and playing on it.

Try to check the sturdiness of the product before buying. Check the material of the cover. Is it thin or thick? Thin upholstery tends to get torn easily, and you have to buy a replacement.

Check the zipper of the cover. Many couches for kids have a fragile zipper that gets broken after several days.  Check the frame to see whether it is durable and resistant or not? The kind of checking is difficult if your buy the product online, so it is advisable for you to come to a store to check it in person.

The material of the upholstery is also of great importance. Since your little angles spend lots of time on the couch, it needs to be clean, and therefore you need to choose materials that you can wash and clean easily.  Also, it must be soft to lie or sit on.

Most of the sofa cover is made of fabric which is cheap and easy to clean but not sturdy and tend to attract hair.  The stacked hair on the sofa can make your kids whose skin is still sensitive scratchy.  Hence, if you choose the fabric cover, you are required to clean the sofa and vacuum regularly to keep it clean.

Some upholstery is made of polyester fabric that is extremely sturdy, easy to clean and wash but somehow hard and uncomfortable to stay in. I don’t recommend the types of fabric for your little and fragile angles.

The leather cover is also easy to clean, classy but much more expensive. It is more durable than fabric but can get scratch easily. So, don’t allow them to bring sharp items near the sofa.

Comfort and safety:

As the play zone and bed for kids, the sofa need to be comfortable for kids to sit, lie and play on. Choose the one that your kids could climb, jump, bounce and lie easily and comfortably. Check the seat and the arm of the sofa. If you find the parts flimsy or too hard, buying the item is a bad idea.

Choose a lightweight sofa that your kid can easily move and adjust on his own. He could find a lot of fun with the kind of job.

Size and color:

The sofa has to be spacious enough to give room for kids’ activities. Buying large couch is advisable since your baby usually grows quite quickly. If you buy a product that fit him well, you will have to buy a new one after a couple of months

Color doesn’t add much deal to the quality of your sofa, but it means a lot to your kids. As usual, you want to buy a sofa whose color could match your décor and your house while your kids tend to love colorful things.


Many people do concern about the price of products. Of course, we hope to buy good products with reasonable price. But the fact is it is so difficult to buy a high-quality product with low price. Especially this is about your kid, and the most important things are his comfort and safety.

Therefore, purchase high-quality products for your angles. Try to use products by reliable and famous brand name to ensure quality and get long-term benefits.

5 Best Kids’ Upholstered Sofas 2017


1.     Marshmallow Furniture, Children’s Upholstered 2 in 1 Flip Open Sofa, Disney Minnie’s Bow-tique, by Spin Master

This is an awesome sofa for babies over 10 months of ages which could work as a place for playing, reading books, watching TV or taking a nap. Featuring with Disney Minnie Mouse, the sofa is a great present for your lovely daughter.


  • The most outstanding feature that I must mention is that the sofa gives your kids a lot of room for activities. She may use it as a play zone or a lovely bed for a snap.
  • A great selling point of the sofa is its versatility. You may adjust it for different purposes. It could be flipped over into a bed or folded back into a chair.
  • Since the sofa is made of light foam, your kids may move it around her room and adjust the chair on her own.
  • The most important thing that may persuade you to buy the sofa could be the fact that your kids are certainly comfortably sitting, lying or playing on the mini couch.


  • The fabric cover seems flimsy and loose. It doesn’t fit well with the foam fading. Therefore, it is constantly loose like an unmade bed.
  • It is somehow difficult to match the pink color of the item with other décor in your house.

Best Kids’ Upholstered Sofas 2017 (Photo credit: )

2.     Marshmallow Furniture, Children’s Upholstered 2 in 1 Flip Open Sofa, Disney/Pixar Disney Pixar Cars 2, by Spin Master

Featuring favorite Lighting McQueen character with the Disney/Pixar Cars 2 is exactly a sofa for your son. The dirt-cheap sofa absolutely brings your kids great chill-out time.


  • Like the first sofa, the sofa may be adjusted for different purposes. You could flip it over to make a bed or fold it back into a chair
  • The chair is also weight light, so your son absolutely move it or adjust it on his own
  • The overall design is good and the chair is quite well made and sturdy. Many customers reviewed that the couch could last for a couple of years
  • A great point of the product is the affordable price. In fact, it is hard to find a such a great item for the low price


  • The zipper of the sofa is quite fragile. So you’d better be careful zipping the sofa
  • Another bad point of the product is that it is quite small, so it works better for children under 5 years old


3.     Marshmallow Furniture – Flip Open Sofa – Mickey Mouse Club House

The Flip Open Sofa – Mickey Mouse Club house could be a lovely play zone for both boys and girls. The versatile may work both as a mini couch for resting or a chair for sitting to watching TV or reading books. Moreover, since the sofa features with a lot of characters such as Cars, Spider man, Sesame, Minnie mouse and Dora, you have more choice to suit your darling kids.


  • The most outstanding feature of the mini couch is its size. The couch is so wide that an adult may fit on it. Therefore, your kids are given more space for climbing, lying, jumping and bouncing.
  • Cleaning the sofa is also a piece of cakes and doesn’t take much of your time
  • The sofa and sage, giving your kids a lot of comfort sitting, lying or playing there
  • The color and graphics of characters of the sofa is so adorable, and I’m sure your kids can find enjoyable moment staying there.


  • Though the couch has a competitive price, it is not really durable and sturdy. Many people reported that theirs got broken after several months
  • The fabric is quite cheap and attracts hair especially dog or cats hair. If you have a dog or cat in your house, you will have to do lots of vacuum and therefore, the sofa is not highly recommended

4.     Marshmallow Fun Furniture Jake and The Neverland Pirates Flip Open Sofa

For fans of the Pirates of Caribbean, the Marshmallow Fun Furniture Jake and The Neverland Pirates Flip Open Sofa could add a great deal to your home.


  • What I like most about the couch is good materials, which make it so durable and sturdy. I must say that it is worth buying the couch for your kids
  • Since the sofa is very light, your kids may flip it over into a bed or fold it back into a chair. Also, it is quite easy for he to move to sofa around
  • A great point of the sofa is that it is easy for you to clean and wash the cover while the color of the cover helps you to hide stain on it.


  • This is a low-backed couch, so it is not convenient to sit in
  • A shortcoming of the couch is its size. The couch is a bit small so your kids don’t have much space to comfortably play on it. The sofa is only recommended for small babies

5.     Marshmallow Furniture, Children’s Upholstered 2 in 1 Flip Open Sofa, Sesame Street’s Elmo/Sesame, by Spin Master

Now we come to the Marshmallow Furniture, Children’s Upholstered 2 in 1 Flip Open Sofa, Sesame Street’s Elmo/Sesame, by Spin Master which could provide your kids lots of space to sit, lounge and chill out.


  • The thing the impress me most is the lovely look of the sofa. The colorful piece of equipment is sure to amuse your kids
  • The couch provides yours kids a lot of space and comfort for playing, reading books, watching TV, eating or taking a nap.
  • Like other kid sofas, the one is very light so your kids may easily adjust and move it around on their own
  • The item is quite cheap in comparison with products of the same function and quality


  • The silliest thing about the couch is that it attracts all kinds of hair while it’s a task of challenge for you to wipe them out. So you have to do lots of vacuum if you use the sofa
  • Most of the materials of the sofa are cheap and low- quality, so the chair is not quite durable and sturdy.


There are a variety of sofas of different prices, quality and brand names that you may take into consideration. But the top priority should be the sturdiness, comfort and safety for your kids.

I hope that the review of 5 Best Kids’ Upholstered Sofas 2017 may help you to work out your problems. If your find the review useful, don’t hesitate to share it to parents who are having the same concerns so that they may have a good choice.

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