How To Clean Car Upholstery – Easy Tips That Make You Surprised


You have to drive cars every day, so it is important to keep your car upholstery clean. Different seating positions in the car require different ways of cleaning the car’s seats, as well as different car upholstery that will require appropriate cleansers of each type.

Therefore, you should read the instructions carefully for advice on proper cleaning or maintenance. Here are the tips for you to clean car upholstery.

Types Of Car Upholstery

1.     Leather

  • Leather upholstery can resist dust and reduce odors on the car and is the first choice of car owners.
  • Bacterial pathogens do not have the environment to survive, so it ensures the health of the users.
  • Drivers, especially women, like this upholstery because they are cleaner, smoother than other types of car seats, and their color enhances the luxury and value of the car.
  • Easy to clean, convenient cleaning, not stick likes fabric.
  • However, the cost of leather is quite expensive.

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2.     Faux Leather

  • Faux leather upholstery leather seats are varied in colors, and customers can choose easier.
  • This material is less dusty, however, the type of faux leather that is usually less durable than genuine leather.
  • To distinguish real leather and faux leather, you can rely on the following two criteria: The smoother the leather, the lighter the smell as it is processed by good tanning technology, most famous is the technology of Singapore. The genuine leather is more elastic, and the seam should also be standard when fitting into a new and beautiful seat cushion.
  • The price is more reasonable so it would be preferred by the driver.

3.     Fabric

  • The price of this material is much lower than real leather.
  • However, fabric material is hotter and harder to clean.
  • Easily cling to dirt.

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How To Clean Car Upholstery?

To minimize the dirt and bacteria on your car, you should clean the car after each trip. Then, frequent vacuuming; food, dirt is very easy to cling to the slots in the seats. These things accumulate a long time will produce mold, bacteria, causing the air in your car uncomfortable, affecting the health of yourself as well as passengers on the car. It is a good idea to buy a car vacuum cleaner with different brush hoses to remove dust and dirt from every corner of your car.

In addition to vacuuming the car, you also need to clean it as well.As I said above, each type of car upholstery has its own characteristic, so the cleaning ways are also different. Let’s find out how to clean car upholstery right now!

  • Leather Car Upholstery

Before cleaning the upholstery, carefully check for any holes or cracks to prevent the water and detergent from penetrating into the interior of the car.

Before deciding to use some detergent to clean your car, read the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings carefully. In each accompanying manual, there may be information on how to clean car leather seats and cleansers that should be avoided.

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt from the seat surface. You need to select the suitable brush hose to be able to blow out the dust in the gap between the rows of seats or cracks. Carry lightly to avoid scratching the seat surface.

Removes dirt on the surface: There are two scenarios, either of which the surface of the seat is covered by a visible layer of dirt or a layer of dirt that is hard to see with the naked eye. Use a moist towel to clean the dust, or you can use specialized detergents for leather material.


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If you can’t find a detergent for this material, or to save more, you can create a safe and effective cleanser with one portion of white vinegar and two portions of linseed oil. Put it in a spray or a small bowl, mix well. This compound is light enough to remove dust and stains on the surface of the seat, helping to make the leather shine and also very safe for the skin of the hands.

Cleansers and cloth can only help to clean the dirt on the surface, so to clean deeper we need a soft bristle brush, the spray the mixture directly on the upholstery and gently brush it.

If the car seat does not have vents, make sure you do not spray the bleach directly onto the seat surface. Instead, pour the bleach on a hard bristle brush and then scrub it, then dry it with a towel.

With leather seats as well as other components in a leather-covered car, you should clean your car seat every other month, or if you do not have the time, clean it at least 3-4 times a year. You can also do it more often as soon as you notice that dirt and seats begin to recolor, which will help keep the surface clean and shiny.

  • Fabric Car Upholstery

First, you need to use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum every corner of the seat as well as in your car.

Next, spray the cleanser on your car seat and wipe it with a soft towel at the stains on the seat. If soap is used, dissolve the soap into a bucket of lukewarm water and absorb the sponge. Remember to slightly wet the surface so that it does not get too wet.


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Once the stains are eliminated, you can use a damp washcloth to wet the cold water and wipe off any blemishes caused by the bleach or soap you just wiped. Repeat this process many times until your car is completely spotless.

Open the car door; you can sunbathe it, or use a blow dryer after washing.


After reading this post, hopefully, you have found a suitable way to clean your car upholstery. If you like it, let us know by sharing the post. Feel free to leave any comment; I’m glad to answer all questions. Thank you so much for reading and see you soon!



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