Beginner’s Guide To Furniture Upholstery- Useful Tips To Extend Furniture’s Life


The sofa is an exceptional living room furniture product. Because its function is very comfortable to sit at guests, but when needed, can quickly convert into a soft bed for you to relax.

So how can you help your family’s furniture to extend the life to about ten years?

This article is the beginner’s guide to furniture upholstery showed you some useful tips to maintain the quality of your furniture.

 How to choose furniture upholstery for beginners?


Sofa chairs are always the best choice for many households, offices as well as company showrooms.

Here I will advise you how to choose sofa chair upholstery, for a luxurious, delicate space that still exemplifies the style of the host.


How to choose sofa chair upholstery

  1. Color:

How to choose the right color for the sofa cover is always the question of many people?

This depends on the preferences of each member of the family, if you want a modern, bright sofa set that accentuates the room, choose a bright color like cream, white, yellow, red.

In contrast, you want a set of sofas not so prominent, but enough to highlight the white wall paint, the brown. Black is not a bad suggestion, further, the choice of dark colors will bring a cold. The “new” is longer than dusty colors such as white.


Choosing the color of the sofa also depends on a lot of the space, the color of the background, the color of the walls, the furniture in your room. The sofa should cover the color of the curtains; sofa pillow should go with the color of the carpet.


In addition, for homeowners who believe in feng shui should choose the right color for life to bring a sense of security, more comfortable.


  1. Material- sofa cover:

There are many different materials such as real leather, simili leather, fabric, velvet, felt. Each type of each function suited for specific needs such as:

  • The leather material is good elasticity, high durability, good heat for the user to feel comfortable sitting, so regardless of summer or winter leather sofas are still the best option.
  • Fabric sofa cover is varied in form, more colors such as one color, fabric pattern, plaid, caro. Bring soft feeling, smooth seat, as well as the host’s room.


Beginner’s guide to furniture upholstery- How to keep the sofa from time to time


Beginner’s guide to furniture upholstery

  1. Sofa covered with coarse cloth or felt:


How to remove dust

How to remove dust:

  • Peel the mattress pads for chairs to wash with soap. You should soak in warm soapy water for about half an hour then wash off.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner handheld on the rest of the sofa


How to remove stains:

  • Inkball pen: pour a little alcohol on ink stain and then use toilet paper to absorb the ink to the paper. Repeat several times and then wash the chair cover with soap to completely remove the toner.
  • You can also buy specialty products for cleaning the sofa like sumo powder.
  • However, the cost is quite high as it is imported. Just spray or sprinkle a little on the stain and then use a damp cloth, sponge brush is clean.


How to deodorize:

  • You can add a drop of favorite flavoring to the cotton swab, carefully wrap it in a tissue and insert it into the back of the small cushions on the sofa.
  • Use specialized deodorant sprays for fabrics and carpets, which are quite cheap; you can buy in supermarkets or grocery stores.


  1. Leather sofa:


Leather sofa

How to remove dust:

  • You should clean your furniture daily with a soft, dry, clean towel.
  • To clean the overall surface of the leather seats, dilute a little bit of bath soap, then use a soft cloth to wipe.
  • After wiping with soapy water, dry the towel several times.


How to remove stains:

  • With dry stains: brush the soft bristles. Limit scrub brush directly onto the skin surface.
  • For stains caused by tea, coffee or other beverages, you should quickly wipe with a wet towel and then wipe with a dry towel.
  • Do not pour water directly onto the stain which will widen the stain and damage the skin of the chair.




These amazing tips for beginner’s guide to furniture upholstery will help you feel confident using furniture upholstery. Everything will be very easy to you with those tips.

Thank you for reading my beginner’s guide to furniture upholstery, and hope my article will be useful to you.

Furthermore, if you have any questions, feel free to share them with me.

See you in the next article!

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