10 Best Kids’ Upholstered Chairs 2017 You Need To Know


Your kids grow now, and you decide to buy him a chair, but you realize that it is not a piece of cake to choose one among an ocean of products of different brand names.

Well, this is the reason why you have to read the article, which is sure to save your day. The article aims to provide you and comprehensive review on 10 Best Kids’ Upholstered Chairs 2017 that have sold like hot cakes recently.


Best Kids’ Upholstered Chairs 2017 (Photo credit: Foter.com)

10  Best Kids’ Upholstered Chairs 2017

1.    KEET Roundy Kid’s Chair Denim, Blue

The round chair made of beautiful Denim fabric, which is soft and durable. Also, the wooden legs give the chair a furniture look. Especially, it is covered with high-density foam to maximize comfort and security for users.


  • The fabric is so pretty and durable, which I highly appreciate.
  • The chair is quite sturdy and well- balanced. Your children can use it for a couple of years without any tears or damage. Also, your kids may do aerobics on the chair, and it never budges.
  • The high-density foam does a great job in making you babies comfortable sitting in the chair
  • Another selling point of the product is the great price. Most customers agree that the chair has a reasonable price for such high quality.


  • Since the chair is quite small, it is only appropriate for kids under 3 to 4 years old.
  • Though the fabric is pretty and durable, it is a bit thin, and you can see through to the inside of the chair.


2.    KEET Roundy Child Size Chair with Microsuede Ottoman, Hot Pink, Ages 2-5 years

This is a pretty and versatile piece of furniture which could be both play house and a place to let hair down for your beloved babies.


  • The product is advertised to be designed for kids of 2 to 5 years old, but in fact, all kids from 1 to 5 years old could sit comfortably in it.
  • The point I like the most is security the chair bring. Because it is designed low to the ground, your kids face less possibility of getting injury in case they just fall off the chair
  • Another good feature of the chair is cleaning. The microsuede fabric and whole assembly make the chair easily to be cleaned


  • Since the chair is very light and your kids may relocate it on their own, it is a bit unsafe for your kids if you don’t keep an eye on them
  • The wooden frame is not as sturdy as expected, so it could not withstand too much climbing and get broken easily. If you have an energetic kid, the chair is not really a good choice.

 3.    KEET Bubble Rocking Kid’s Chair, Denim Keet

Another chair with denim fabric you may take into account. Unlike the 2 above-mentioned chairs, the Keet Bubble Rocking Kids Chairs, Denim has the rocking legs, making it a real play house.


  • The greatest feature of the chair may be its sturdiness. As it is made of strong wooden frame, it is so durable and resistant despite of overuse.
  • The chair comes complete, so you don’t need to assembly. This could be a good point for those lazy like my
  • Another point that may urge you to buy the item is that it is so easy to clean
  • The fabric and foam give your kids lot of comfort sitting in the chair


  • Though your kids may have lots of fun playing with the rocking chair, he could easily get fall off. Many customers recommend to unscrew the rocker for the safety of kids
  • The color of the chair makes it a bit hard to match with other furniture and your walls.

4.    KEET Roundy Kid’s Chair with Ottoman, Leopard

For those who want to have an unique image the chair and your house, the Keet Roundy Chair with Ottoman, Leopard can be a good choice.


  • An outstanding feature of the chair is its width. The chair provides lot of space for your babies to sit, curl up and chill out in it.
  • What I highly appreciate is how sturdy the chair is. It is so sturdy and well-made that 10 years old girl may sit in it (though it is not recommended since the chair is designed for kids under 5 years old)
  • The chair looks so adorable, and your kids are sure to fall in love with it.
  • The color of the chair make with easy to hide dirt while the fabric is easy to wipe off.


  • You may find it difficult to match the color of the leopard cover with your house and other furniture.
  • The chair is more expensive than the above-mentioned ones

5.    Delta Children Upholstered Chair, Disney Frozen

If you have a baby girl aged 3 to 6 years old, the chair with a girly look is highly recommended for her.  The pink color and colorful graphics of Anna and Elsa in the movie Frozen definitely make it a must-have item for Frozen fan.


  • Many customers have given the product five stars thanks to it width and sturdiness. The chair is quite wide so that your daughter has more space in it. Additionally, it probably lasts for couple of year
  • Another feature that I really like is the weight of the chair. Since it very light, you may move it for cleaning or rearranging furniture with ease.
  • The color and graphics of Anna and else may add a great deal to the room of your kids


  • Though the light pink color of the chair is lovely, it stains easily. So you have to clean the upholdsery regularly
  • The padding inside doesn’t adequately cover the wooden frame, making it a bit uncomfortable sitting on the chair.

6.    KEET Roundy Kid’s Chair Gingham, Navy

The chair has the beautiful Gingham fabric that is easy to cooperate with other decoration.  Also, the chair could be a suitable for toddlers.


  • The navy color is incredible adorable. It could match well with other furniture and the paint color of your house.
  •  It is quite sturdy for toddlers and could last for some years. But if you have an older baby, you certainly have to buy another chair.
  • The reasonable price is also a good selling point of the product.


  • A thing that you may find disappointed is the foam. It is soft and can become misshaped after use.
  • The upholdsery stains easily, so you have to clean it regularly to keep a good look for the chair.

7.    Delta Children Star Wars Deluxe Upholstered Chair, Darth Vader

The product by Delta children may be designed specifically for baby boys.  Your son certainly loves the black color and graphics of Darth Vader of the chair. Especially, the chair could hold ups to 100 pounds.


  •  I really like the chair since it can be both a play zone for kids and a place for resting.
  • The chair is very study and well-built. In fact it could hold up to 100 pounds and last for several years. The chair could be used for your kids when he is a toddler until he gets 5 years old. This is such a budget-friendly item.
  •  The chair is made of high-quality material, making it resistant and durable.


  •  Since the chair is somehow firm, your son may feel a bit uncomfortable sitting and paying in it
  • Though it could hold up to 100 pounds, the chair is smaller than expected. So, if your son is a bit chubby, he may feel the chair is not spacious enough.

8.   KEET Bubble Rocking Microsuede Kid’s Chair, Navy/Blue

If you are looking for a high-quality yet budget friendly rocking chair for your babies, the KEET Bubble Rocking Microsuede Kid’s Chair should be taken into consideration.


  • The most outstanding feature that I have to mention is its sturdiness. The chair could be used for up to 5 years without tears on it other than spills.
  • Many people choose the chair because it is so versatile. All babies under 5 may fit in the chair
  • Another point I need to mention here is that it is extremely easy for you to clean food and stains on the chair, which make the chair a worth purchase.
  • Since the chair is quite low to the ground, it increased safety for your babies, especially toddlers, who love climbing.


  • The rocking feature could be a bad point of the chair. The rocker feet are put to the complete front, therefore, all of the weight of the chair stays to the back. If your child sits in the chair inattentively, the chair may flip backward, making him/her fall off. Or the rocker doesn’t work sometimes
  • The chair is quite small, so 4 to 5 year-old babies don’t have much room in it.

9.    Kinfine Kids Arm Chair, Dark Brown, Leatherette

Unlike the above chairs that have the fabric cover, the Kinfine Kids Arm Chair has the leather upholstery for classier look. The dark brown leather chair is given a lovely name: gentleman chair.


  • The dark brown leather upholstery makes the chair classier and sturdier. Not only is it an adorable chair but it is also an awesome decoration for your child’s room. The leather cover makes it easier for you to clean any stains on the chair.
  • The chair arrives in 5 pieces- the seat and 4 wooden legs. Assembling the pieces is just a piece of cake and only takes 2 up to minutes.
  • An important point I must highlight here is that the chair is extremely sturdy.


  • Obviously for such a high quality product, it is rather expensive, but I think it is worth purchasing the item for long term benefits
  • As the leather upholstery may gat scratched and torn easily, don’t ever let your babies take sharp items near the chair.


Best Kids’ Upholstered Chairs 2017 (Photo credit: Foter.com)

10.   Delta Children Upholstered Chair with Ottoman

This is another cute chair by Delta children that you may buy for you babies. The chair may hold up to 100 pounds, and is highly recommended for kids of 3 to 6 years old.  Especially, the vibrant graphics of Minnie mouse makes the chair a must have item for fans of Mouseketeer’s clubhouse.


  •  The first point that I need to make here is that this is a cute chair, and most kids are going to love the chairs, the design, color and vibrant graphics which look so amusing
  • The chair is well-designed and made of high-quality materials, making it a sturdy item
  • The feature that I highly appreciate is that the chair is quite low to ground. Therefore, it is more safe for your child to climb and play in the chair


  • Like the Kinfine Kids Arm Chair, the Delta Children Upholstered Chair with Ottoman is a bit expensive.
  • Another shortcoming of the chair it’s difficult to clean the upholstery.

Tips to choose a good chair for your angles.

There are 2 most important things that you need to put on top priority when you buy a chair for your kids: Materials and Comfort- Safety.


Since materials determine sturdiness and comfort, you have to check it thoroughly before buying one.

Check the material of the cover. Is it thin or thick? Thin upholstery tends to, get torn easily and you have to buy a replacement. Check the zipper of the cover. Many couches for kids have a fragile zipper that gets broken after several days.  Check the frame to see whether it is durable and resistant or not?

The material of the upholstery is also of great importance. Since your kids spend most of their time of the couch, it needs to be clean, and therefore you need to choose materials that you can wash and clean easily.  Also, it must be soft to lie or sit on.

Most of sofa cover is made of fabric which is cheap and easy to clean but not sturdy. Leather cover is also easy to clean, classy but much more expensive. It is more durable than fabric but can get scratch easily. So you have to keep an eye on your kids, don’t allow them to bring sharp items near the chair.

Comfort and safety

As the play zone and bed for kids, the sofa need to be comfortable for kids to sit, play on. Choose the one that your kids could climb, jump and bounce easily and comfortably. Check the seat and the arm of the chair. If you find the parts flimsy or too hard, buying the chair is totally a bad idea.


Hope that after reading the review of 10 Best Kids’ Upholstered Chairs 2017, you could come across an item that may live up to your expectation and don’t skip the useful tips which could help you in many ways become a wise buyer.



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